From July 1985 until October 1993 Pastor Dan Lindsey was the editor of a Christian publication concerning persons with disabilities.   The quarterly 36 page magazine was called "God's Special People Magazine."    Dan and Connie's first daughter, Stacie, was born with severe cerebral palsy, and the Lindsey's articles reflected various aspects of Stacie's life from a conservative Christian perspective.   People from many states and countries also submitted articles for the publication.   Stacie went to be with Christ in April 1997.    These articles by Dan Lindsey are reprinted in Stacie's memory. 

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Click HERE  or on the You Tube button to watch a message Pastor Lindsey preached entitled "One Father Learns about God from His Daughter."   This message was given at Calvary Baptist Church on Father's Day 2017, and includes pictures of Stacie and her family.