Come on, let's explore! Watch for trail markers that point the way.
Look! A tropical rain forest with beautiful flowers, birds, and interesting animals! But watch out. . .there's danger too! Uh-oh! Hold on tight and don't look down; we have to cross this swinging rope bridge to reach the volcano. Those river rapids look exciting, but we'll have to ride them later. Our map says that if we walk under and behind the waterfall, we'll find the opening to a large cave and beyond that some nearly overgrown ruins. To see and enjoy everything on the island, we will need to make careful choices.
Kids make choices: everyday choices like which shirt to wear, and life-changing choices that can affect their lives in good or bad ways: Will I accept Jesus as my Savior? Will I love God and desire with all my heart to please Him and choose to live His way? Arrow Island: Choosing God's Way  teaches students how to make good choices day by day.
We will be making some cool crafts, playing some fun games, and eating whatever the natives do on Arrow Island! Have a look below!



Design-a-Lizard, Monkey Magnets, Gecko Sun Catchers and More!


Snake Tag, Cross the Bridge, Banana Bean Bag Toss and More!


Misty View Garden Veggies, Juicy Jiggle Wiggles, Frozen Grape Kebob and More!